muso demo

A while ago I had an idea for a series of ‘collaborations’ with musician friends, the idea being to meet and work on a few songs together for the pleasure of catching up, exchanging ideas and making music. Then I realised that there should be a record of the effort, so the process itself entered the equation.

I know lots of people who make music,. I’ve been in a few bands, plus I was a regular at / hung out <choose one in Barts Tavern in the 80s and 90s, when it was the social hub for all sorts of interesting people, including musicians.

I’ve asked a few friends if they’re interested in getting together, making and recording music like this and I’ve been encouraged by the positive response. I’ve called it the Muso Mates Project, and the first collaboration is in the bag. <set up? done? recorded?

My aim here, is to get out of my musical comfort zone, to open my musical horizons and see what I’m capable of. Some people may be surprised by the diversity of genres I’m willing to try these days – I’ve been considered a bit narrow-minded in the past!

A ‘collaboration’ can start and end within an hour, or extended as long as wished. This isn’t about polished results, the activity is the prime end result. Any audio recordings will be snapshots, to keep and play back for those involved and to any interested friends, and / or to use as starting points for future reruns.

Let’s see what happens. I’m up for anything!